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  • “The number one reason to engage this team is Valerie Berg. Her dedication, attention to detail and professional commitment cannot be surpassed. Valerie is one of those people who only knows one way to do a job: the right way. ¬†She often surpasses expectations and has superb follow through.”

    Kathleen Reilly

    , Independent Communications Specialist

  • “Accurate transcripts are vital to our legal team and clients. We have found Admiral Reporting to deliver the best product and service”.

    Jonah Grossman, Esq.

    New York, NY

  • “It is a pleasure to work with Admiral Reporting and Video Services. I have used their services for the last 20 years and have been satisfied at all times. The court reporters are highly competent and professional and turnover time is excellent. I highly recommend them.”

    Arlene Kayatt, Esq.

    New York, NY

  • “Admiral has provided our office with great customer service. Their reporters are always on time and very pleasant. We continue to be grateful for their diligence and dedication.”

    Leav & Steinberg, LLP.

    New York, NY

  • “I have used Admiral Reporting many times over the years. Admiral’s stenographers have always been courteous and professional. They have all been familiar with many of the technical terms that often come up during a deposition and have rarely asked for the spelling of anything except people’s names. I have a tendency to speak quickly, yet I never remember an Admiral reporter asking me to “slow down.” They also know what colloquy to include in the transcript and what colloquy should not be included. Most importantly, Admiral has always provided me with an accurate transcript as soon as I needed it.”

    Robert J. Poblete, Esq.

    New York, NY